Leadership Victoria Programming Design – Employer Survey

Leadership Victoria Programs - Employer Survey

This survey is intended for employers, managers, human resources professionals, and others within an organization to provide feedback about community leadership development programming in Greater Victoria. This survey is a companion to our general survey. This one is designed to think about programming from an employer's point of view. You can complete both surveys if you are interested.

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  • Section 1: Defining and Understanding Community Leadership

  • Leadership Victoria is working with the following definition of community leadership: "Community leadership is taking an active role in the development and improvement of the health, wellbeing and public good of one's community." The concept of community leadership is based upon the ideas that leaders are everywhere, and that leadership skills can be fostered and developed. Community leaders act as agents of change and innovation on behalf of their communities.
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  • Section 2: Identifying Your Relationship to Emerging Community Leaders

  • Include both part-time and full-time employees.
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